International academic mobility programs are a unique opportunity to study, teach, do internships or conduct research in another higher education institution in Ukraine and in foreign countries, without expel or dismissal from the main place of work and / or study.The procedure for exercising the right of students, PhDs and teachers to participate in academic mobility programs is regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 579 “On approval of the Regulations on the procedure for exercising the right for academic mobility” and the Regulations for exercising the right of students of Sumy national agrarian university for academic mobility, approved by the Academic Council of the University (Minutes № 7 as of 25.01.2016).

Advantages of academic mobility programs:

  • learning from best international practices and gaining unique experience;
  • increasing competitiveness in the labour market;
  • acquaintance with teaching methods and specifics of the educational process in foreign HEIs;
  • intercultural and professional dialogues;
  • improvement of language competencies;
  • expanding professional and personal horizons.

For more information please contact the international cooperation office of Sumy NAU, contacts in social media: Facebook and Instagram.