Annually, starting from September 1, the international cooperation department welcomes students to submit documents for practical training and internships abroad. Preparation for such an internship should begin from the first days of study at SNAU.

The purpose of practical training abroad is to promote the integration of national agricultural education into the world educational space due to consolidation of theoretical knowledge and study of practical farming experience in countries with a developed agricultural sector of the economy; mastering advanced technologies for agricultural products growing, processing and marketing; learning modern technologies and acquiring practical skills.

Students’ practical training is regulated by the Regulations on the practical training abroad of students of agricultural HEIs of Ukraine, approved by the order No. 264 of the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine as of 15.06.2005, and the corresponding Regulations on SNAU students’ practical training abroad, approved by the rector of SNAU.

To register at the department, you are to:

The criteria for selecting participants are as follows:

The internship may be in various professional areas:

Practical training and internship abroad usually combine two components: educational and cultural, which allows our students to improve their language, cultural competence and qualification.

A letter of recommendation from a foreign farmer offers an opportunity not only to show your best to a potential employer but also to officially confirm practical skills gained on the chosen practice base.

The international cooperation department of SNAU is able to find an individual approach to every student. You will be offered the practice base that will be most useful in your further professional life.

If you are interested in practical training abroad, we invite you to visit the international cooperation department as soon as possible – room 218, main building.

Our department is here to help SNAU students!