The Admission to Sumy NAU is carried out on the basis of successful passing of the entrance exams and a signed Agreement between the university and the applicant (or with another natural or legal person); the admission is possible on the basis of interstate agreements according to the letters from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

To become a student of our University, it is necessary to go through several stages in the following sequence:

  1. To send by e-mail the scanned copies of documents for registration of an invitation to study to the Centre for Co-operation with Foreign Students and inform about your desire to study at the university; +380502217849 (WhatsUp, Viber, Telegram):
  1. To receive an original invitation from the university for an interview for further enrolment.
  2. To submit documents to the consular office of Ukraine and obtain an entry visa.
  3. To notify the university after receiving the visa to determine the date of arrival, flight number to be met at the airport.
  4. To arrive in Ukraine and submit an application for study with the appropriate package of documents.

The documents that must be brought with a foreign student upon entry:

  1. To successfully pass interviews in specialized subjects.
  2. To sign an agreement (contract) that defines the duties and the rights of the university and the foreigner throughout the entire period of study.
  3. To start studying the chosen specialty (specialization).

The documents on the education of foreigners, who have been enrolled in studies, issued by educational institutions of other countries, undergo the procedure of recognition in Ukraine in accordance with the legislation. Based on the results of the recognition procedure, the educational institution makes a decision to continue the foreigner’s studies at the level corresponding to the results of the recognition procedure, or to expel the foreigner.

In the event that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine or a higher education institution makes a decision to refuse to recognize the provided document about the obtained educational level, including due to its inauthenticity, the educational institution will exclude such a foreigner.

Learn more about the procedure for recognizing education documents: