Do you want to get a real European education, have a unique experience of studying in a European university, undergo the internship in European companies, have an opportunity to learn about other cultures and people? When should one do it, if not during the student years?

Today’s job market in Ukraine requires a job applicant a broad outlook, good practical skills, knowledge of foreign languages. The Double Degree Programme is a joint educational programme of Ukrainian and foreign universities, which allows Ukrainian students to study according to integrated curricula in two educational institutions of different countries simultaneously and receive two diplomas – Ukrainian and European one. Since 2002, Sumy National Agrarian University has been an active participant and performer of DAAD projects in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (Germany). Just then the international Master Course “Administrative Management” was established.

The history of successful partnership
Advantages of studying under the Master Degree Program
Training program within the Master course
Algorithm of obtaining Master Degree

Students who successfully complete their studies and receive an MBA academic title will be able to:

Contacts: Larysa Kalachevska, Coordinator of the Master course, International Cooperation Office, main building, room 218
Tel.: +38 0542 70-10-30, e-mail: